Trivatech Group. TTG. James Dimmer and Metro Wireless. An ALL STAR FIBER TEAM!

“You may have heard his name in the telecom industry or even seen his face, James is someone you will want to meet. His years in the business nationwide are impressive and his knowledge in the field is hard to top. Let’s welcome James to our Metro Detroit and Nationwide footprint for all of your industry needs!

James Speaks About His Experience as a Fiber Specialist

As a professional fiber builder, I’m laser-focused on customer need, location, and available carrier facilities. Our goal is to create an easily deployable, seamless, meshed, self-healing WAN. My teams have built fiber projects for Data Centers (dual entrance), Breweries (Campus Fiber), Banks and Credit Unions, State and Local governments, Manufacturers, Cellular providers and Wired and Wireless Internet Service Providers.

We’ve worn your shoes on the Agency side, we understand that the direct carrier reps are your main competition on WAN projects. We know how to give you the tools and tactics to defeat these guys at their own game. My team will arm you with the proper information to make certain you win more fiber WAN’s and add more value to your agency portfolio. We know fiber better than they do. We go the extra (last) mile to help your team win!
We track the fiber right down to the entrance facility, colocation points and fiber tags on poles or within underground conduits. Our team ensures that your clients fiber WAN will be resilient, scalable, easily deployed and offer an excellent service level agreement. We leave no stone unturned to solve your client’s connectivity issues and in turn we will create incredible value for you.

A Team Dedicated to Bringing World Class Fiber Service to Your Busines

My MetroFIBER team is committed to building and supplying only the highest quality, low latency connectivity to client sites and data center locations. Let us take a look at your fiber needs, we will build value and goodwill for your agency through our turn key MetroFIBER WAN program.

Our team also believes in transparency with delivery, fiber engineering and our design/build process. We will supply your clients with reference drawings and IP/WAN info for reference so there are no issues with ongoing support.

Working in Telecom has its rewards, from Monthly achievement awards to President’s Clubs. My true passion is to transform communities through involvement with civic organizations such as the U.S. Army Signal Corps, Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, Dale Carnegie, National Eagle Scout Association, Michigan Snowmobile Association and the Elks Club.

As an avid outdoorsman, I’m always thinking about power boating, snowmobiling or wrenching on my cars. My deepest passion is to be steep and deep in the back-country on my Polaris Rocky Mountain King snowmobile. Back-country riding has taken on a whole new level in the last few years and it’s so much more exciting than any other outdoor sport due to the extreme locations you ride through and experience. The northern lights are amazing! Another favorite pastime is taking a long Finnish Sauna and grilling steaks…… Yes – at the same time! And – I’ve cooked bacon naked…. Outside. We spend a lot of time at the cabin above the bridge, near Marquette, Michigan, that was completed last year. We are just obsessed with Snow and the “Great White North”.

“I’m not a Hippie – I’m a snowmobiler!”

Let’s work together to help your clients and I look forward to now getting to know you, too!”

James J. Dimmer III
Director of Fiber

TTG,  James and Metro!!

Visit our website or call 888-352-6563 for more information.

Trivatech Group. TTG


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