Trivatech Group. Telecom, Data, Security and Maintenance.

Powerful Backbone

Our architecture provides customers the opportunity to take advantage of many WAN/LAN services that enable efficient and cost effective solutions for any business.

High Availability and Monitoring

We utilize a highly redundant core routing strategy that ensures 99.999% Router Availability and 99.99% last mile SLA. Our mesh switching architecture supplies multiple fail over between multiple routers and data centers.

Included Router

Also included with every MetroFIBER connection is a MetroROUTER, a powerful SDN cloud based router that allows us to build MPLS, VPLS, P2P and P2MP networks for our customers. This service is available in many customization applications and configurations.

Visit or call us at 888-352-6563 for more Fiber information.

Trivatech Group. TTG.






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