Trivatech Group. Telecom, Data, Security and Maintenance Consulting.


We provide business with an unbiased, single point of contact for all of their Fiber and Telecommunications needs.

With my engineering background and translative nature we will cut through all the “buzz words” and techno jargon to help you realize what will make your company more money. Bottom line return is imperative.

Cloud Computing and IP services are no mystery when we are on your side. Redundant fiber delivery and Ethernet are readily available. Dark and lit fiber locating is our core competency to aid with migrating to VOIP, Disaster Recovery and offsite backup.

Let’s discuss your options with  services including but not limited to..

Carrier Services                                                                                                                         Comprehensive suite of Cloud and SaaS
Cloud Computing
Disaster Recovery
Offsite Backup
Offsite and Virtual PACS
TEM (wireless and wireline)
Data Center
Toll Free 800 Services
T1 / T3
Network Services
Communications Solutions
Telecommunications Services
Private Line
Center Solutions
Business Phone
Clinic Network
EMR – Electronic Medical record
Imaging Servers
Offsite Imaging Storage

Third Party maintenance.
Data Security and Protection

Expertise in IT infrastructure assets

Diversified IT assets with multiple equipment with different technologies and from different manufacturers.

Ability to sign MSA’s with large corporations for multiple locations around the world.       Web Master Marketing.

Key Word Social Media Marketing

Meta Tag Blog Posts



Visit our website to request a quote and find out more about our services.

Trivatech Group. TTG

Lets Talk TODAY!!


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