Write your own obituary..

self reflection

June 20, 2016

Stop, right now and look back on your life.

Think about the mistakes, the hard decisions you made, the triumphs and successes, the friends and family that have touched your life over the years.  How have those things shaped your life?

Do you have a bucket list; have you marked anything off that list?  Could you comfortably say that you are proud of what you see so far?  The good, the bad, the ugly, it is you.

Let’s get a little crazy and self-reflect a little deeper, I am going to ask you to write your own obituary.

 It might seem morbid to write an obituary before you can even visualize your final days.  It may just be a great wake up call to stir the pot and make some much needed changes in your life.

Write out your life, point by point.  Enlist a friend or family member to do it for you, it might give you another perspective.  When all said and done reflect by asking yourself: If I died today, would I die happy?  Am I satisfied with the direction in which my life is headed?  Am I happy with the legacy that I’m creating?  What’s missing from my life?  Are you pleased with how it reads?

After reflecting, write a fantasy obituary.  Write it exactly how you want it to read when you do pass.  Think about qualities you may want people to see in you.  Did you follow your heart?  Did you believe in yourself?  Did you live high standards and treat others well?  Did you waste time or live each moment to its full capacity?  Did you exude positivity?  Did you speak your mind?  Were you resilient in times of trial?  Did you take the time to tell people how much they matter?  Were you responsible? Did you spend time holding grudges or forgiving?  Did you often express gratitude?  Did you live a life of regret?  Did you make an impact?

Make a plan right now, to make sure that when your time comes, your obituary reads just like the fantasy obituary.  Make sure you are today the person you want to be upon passing.

Never settle for less than perfection, it’s your life, write your own story! 

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