Purchasing voice and data service?

If your enterprise is purchasing voice and data services,  how often do you evaluate your providers ? in most cases a professional consultant should evaluate your telecom and data expenditures at least once a year.

Audits can be as simple as a quick invoice review, or as in depth as identifying each circuit in the phone / data closets and making certain the billing and delivery of services are correct.

The numbers of errors are staggering.  Inaccurate billing costs business in America billions every year.

Some examples

A tri county mental health authority saved $10,000 per month by employing my services.

A  beverage distributor saved $200 per month and doubled their internet bandwidth speed.

A restaurant with 3 locations combined all voice and data together to support an internet table reservation service.  Cost containment of $50 / location and faster internet for customer WIFI in the dining rooms.

Enter your contact information under the “request a quote” tab or call us and let us earn your business by helping you find reductions in cost while increasing your speed and efficiency.

Trivatech Group.


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