What your cloud provider is not telling you

Cloud is the buzz word.  Everyone wants to get in the Cloud business and very few realize EXACTLY what Cloud demands.

The demands on the rest of a clients network and connectivity grow 10X.  Let me explain.

The rapid change in Voice service is a good example of the change that is underway for new cloud clients.

THE “OLD WAY” 64Kbps

“Plain old telephone service” (POTS)

Runs over a copper connection and allows 64Kbps of bandwidth to create a phone connection and place a call.

64Kbps = POTS

THE “NEW WAY” 100Kbps

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP)

Runs over a data connection and uses 80-100Kbps for same call.

100Kbps = VOIP

Why does VOIP use more data bandwidth ? And what does this have to do with Cloud ?

The simple answer is that once we place Voice offsite (VOIP) we need more bandwidth to support Voice in the Cloud as an App.

Cloud Desktop and Server Apps run the same way.  Traditionally we are sending and receiving all of our processing over our network when we move to cloud we move the processing offsite and require a larger amount of bandwidth to support Cloud.

Cloud is excellent at minimizing cost on infrastructure and MAXIMIZING usage of connectivity.  When you move to Cloud you WILL need fiber delivered bandwidth.

Reach out to our team today we source fiber and Ethernet worldwide.

Triva Tech Group



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