“A fiber internet connection can deliver many benefits. If you are currently using a broadband connection, you need to know if the benefits of a fiber-optic connection will outweigh the cost of installation and subscription. Fiber technology offers reliability, security and speed that cable cannot provide. Here are a few of the major reasons why you should consider connecting through fiber.

Fiber offers connection speeds that the best copper cable connection cannot match. The actual speed of the fiber connection is determined by the electronics and laser technology used and this can be upgraded to continually increase the speed. For now the speed on fiber ranges from 5 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s. This means that during peak times with high demand on bandwidth, you will not notice any major drop in speed. This is particularly important if you are using your internet connection to telecommute or work in a home office.

With the ever increasing number of mobile devices and apps that depend on the cloud for data storage, having a fast and reliable internet connection is now a must for all users at home and at work. Most home internet users now use the cloud to access documents and to collaborate with co-workers and friends on personal and official projects. The high speed of fiber internet will make access to data and apps stored in the cloud easier and faster.

Optical fiber is much stronger and resilient than copper, so it offers higher reliability. Fiber optic internet access is not affected by bad weather conditions or interference from high voltage power installations. Unlike copper cables, fiber-optic wires maintain data transmission at high speed for a very long distance. So if you need a reliable connection for streaming of high definition video, online gaming, or a connection that can carry telephone, VOIP and internet TV with unlimited internet plans, you should opt for a fiber-optic connection.

A fiber optic connection offers superior security. Information hackers and thieves can now gain access to sensitive data by cable tapping using a copper wire. But the only method to disrupt a fiber optic connection is to cut the fibers and this will cut off the signal completely. Thus, you can increase the security of your internet connection and protect yourself and your family from cyber criminals. Since we now use the internet for important financial transactions like mobile banking, online shopping and payment of bills and loans, it is very important to use a very secure connection at home.

Although a high speed fiber installation and subscription is a bit more expensive than the copper cable alternative, it offers greater cost savings in the long term. With a single fiber-optic internet connection in your home, you can connect several devices including smart appliances, TVs, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and any other internet aware gadgets without any reduction in speed and performance. This will also save you money because you will be able to do away with the more expensive cable TV subscription and stream HD video content.

The benefits of fiber connectivity are far greater than the initial investment required to install it. So if you are ready to enjoy super fast connection to a world of unlimited possibilities online, you should subscribe for fiber internet service.”

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