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XGen™ security with machine learning COMING SOON to Worry-Free!

XGen™ security is a smart, optimized, and connected approach that includes cross-generational threat defense techniques, like machine learning, application control, and encryption.
Predictive machine learning uses advanced technology to detect emerging unknown security risks found in low-prevalence suspicious processes or files originating from removable storage, web, or email channels. And, it’s coming soon to Worry-Free Business Security in this month.

Turn the odds in your favor

71% of security breaches target small businesses, and nearly 50% of small businesses say they’ve suffered a cyber attack.1
Turn the odds in your favor with enterprise-grade security designed for small busines.

Cloud simple

We make it easy to protect your computers and mobile devices so you can focus on your business. And with Cloud App Security, you get enhanced protection without complications.

  • Quick setup—add users or devices with a few clicks
  • All-in-one solution provides antispam, antivirus, web security, and email protection in one hassle-free bundle
  • Automatic updates, zero maintenance, low monthly cost
  • Protection for your employers anytime, anywhere, on any device

Email safe

Block spam and sophisticated phishing attacks before they reach your employee mailboxes (including Microsoft Office 365) or devices.

  • Sandboxing—Enterprise-level cloud technology inspects suspicious email attachments in real time to block threats before they can do damage
  • Social engineering attack protection—Analyzes email content to detect targeted attacks and stop them from reaching devices and users
  • Best email detection, and protection—#1  Antispam (Opus), #1 Anti-breach (NSS Labs)

More ways to stay safe

Worry-Free Services Advanced is the best value, offering the most benefits to protect your small business with the simplest maintenance.

Visit our website to request more information.

You can always call 888-352-5663

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