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Understanding the Telecom and Data business

The key to making a good decision is in how the telecommunications and data business works.

A point to make here is that the provider contracts with your company to provide a certain suite of services at a certain level of performance.  Many terms and conditions of newer contracts with providers are listed on a web page, how easy is it for the carrier to change the terms ?

And what about carriers consolidating and merging ?  Will your direct representative be with that carrier in 3 months ?  A year ?

How about care for you after the sale ?

Is it a local office ?  A call center ?

Can the direct carrier representative actually assist you, or do they get paid once to sell and move on ?

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The Truth

Carrier direct representatives likely will not be employed for more than 18 months. You are left with a contract and no advocate to assist you. Most likely a  call center out of state and an 800 number to reach a cryptic system where you punch in your account number and then have to repeat yourself 3 times to get an answer, and usually they will insult you and claim the problem is on your end of the connection.

How can a prospective client sort through 3 or 4 providers information and make an educated decision about a provider at contract renewal time ?

Well frankly you can dedicate the next few weeks to research, study and reviewing terms and conditions, service level agreements (SLA) and calling current clients of the prospective vendors. Or just call an independent consultant in your area.

The Solution

Call an independent telecom consultant, who knows the available providers, the services available and negotiates many telecom contracts every year.

Telecom consultants are experts,  and with all the change in the carrier space, consultants  have  direct connections to carriers.   Many clients just like you who turn to telecom consultants for answers, recieving a live local response to their needs.

Independent telecom consultants work for you.  When  hired they are  paid to assist you and to make sure you receive what you are paying for.  In many cases the independent consultant will not get paid unless your services are installed and invoices continue to be paid.

Telecom consultants are paid to assist you today, and when it’s contract renewal time.  Independents are responsive, timely and know each and every carrier that is available for you to choose from.

In many cases they search for 3-5 quotes to source your services.  They continue to earn your business every month when you pay your invoice.  In addition the independent consultant will analyze your needs BEFORE suggesting a certain product or service.

Why Not ?

Why not try buying your products and services the smart way ?

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