Trivatech Group. Telecom and Data Consulting.

High Speed Low Latency
Wireline Quality Performance

Our solution works great with over the top VoIP and SIP services as well as latency intensive functions such as Remote Desktop (RDP) and others. Since we employ all of the best practices and latest technologies, you can expect the highest possible speeds over our carrier networks.


Secure Your Data With LTE

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

MetroLTE has an Service Level Agreement or “SLA” to ensure that your experience will meet or exceed your expectations. Metro Wireless has more ways to ensure your services stays online and active than any other provider in the marketplace today.

Secure Your Data With LTE
Cloud Enabled

MetroLTE features a user portal and many unique features. Great for accessing cloud based systems.


Our LTE Speeds are Unmatched

Nationwide Carrier Network

Metro Wireless is available almost anywhere! Pair our services with a large portfolio of high gain antennas to drastically boost speeds and connectivity.



World Class Support Included

24 Hour Support

MetroLTE has qualified technicians that actually understand your service and can assist you anytime. Don’t settle for low level, offshore support for your critical business applications.


Ultra Secure and Reliable

Ultra Secure and Reliable

AES256 end to end encryption insures your data remains in the most secure and reliable categories of service for an ISP network connection.

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