Trivatech Group. Telecom and Data Consulting. 55% savings on the Data and Voice services you need!

trivatech smaller

It is time to upgrade to the SERVICE and SPEED you need and deserve!         Upload a copy of your telecom and data invoice and let us show you SAVINGS, and FASTER SERVICE!

10Mbps Starting at $360 per month.                          

20Mbps Starting at $485 per month.

30Mbps Starting at $523 per month.

40Mbps Starting at $561 per month.

50Mbps Starting at $587 per month.

60Mbps Starting at $612 per month.

70Mbps Starting at $675 per month.

80Mbps Starting at $702 per month.

90Mbps Starting at $723 per month.

100Mbps Starting at $740 per month.

Add optional voice!! 23 call paths starting at $155!!!

Contact Trivatech Group to find out how.


Terms and conditions may apply to services and pricing.


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