Trivatech Group. Telecom and Data Consulting. Are you wasting cash flow on your telecom and data services ?

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Are you wasting cash flow on your telecom and data services ?

How can you tell ?

We will help you

We understand the billing and accounting processes as well as the technology aspect of the services. This combined knowledge, along with an understanding of industry trends and pricing, enables us to make informed recommendations for optimizing networks, and therefore reducing overall costs.

Our 4 Step Optimization Process:

  • Interview – Understand your needs from your point of view.
  • Evaluate – Profile your existing services (local and long distance voice, data, and wireless)
  • Analyze – Scrutinize Billings/Services down to the circuit level and line item.
  • Network Map – Create a system that can be measured, modified and re-designed to meet your business needs.

Our recommendations are offered for all categories of service in an easy to understand format using our proprietary Network Optimization Blueprint.

The Blueprint is developed utilizing a combination of telecom customer service records, invoicing, infrastructure, and, financial and contractual analysis. Its’ simple form allows our clients to review a complete solution provided in a familiar format that allows for an easy to understand picture of the telecom services being provided, how they are used by your organization, and whether or not they are cost effective. This comprehensive analysis and resulting blueprint allows ease in facilitating future expansion, contraction, or adoption of internet based business solutions.

With this customized approach, we accommodate every service you need to support today, and help you plan for future uses. This holistic approach and can solve not only today’s problems, but prepare your business to continue to lead into the future.

We keep your phone company honest – get YOUR money back !

Trivatech Group.



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