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I wasn’t going to, but a I am going to weigh in on a controversial topic that has been in the news for a few weeks now.  I will start with two definitions because I have been trying to figure out what (disrespecting) one has to do with the other.



mid-14c., “cruel or unjust use of power or authority,”from Old French opression (12c.), from Latinoppressionem (nominative oppressio) “a pressingdown; violence, oppression,” noun of action from pastparticiple stem of opprimere (see oppress ). Meaning“action of weighing on someone’s mind or spirits” is from late 14c.”

(Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper)

“The Latin root means “pressed against,” and oppression feels like hands pressing your head, keeping you down. Oppression can be widespread throughout a culture, or felt by a single individual, like enduring the sun’s oppression on a hot summer day.”

The Star Spangled Banner origin..

“Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the lyrics to the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ after he had been detained by the British and had watched the bombardment of Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore on the night of September 13-14, 1814. Unsure of the outcome of the battle he looked towards Fort Henry dreading to see the Union Jack flying over the fort. Instead, he saw the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ proudly flying and realized that the brave Americans had been victorious.”

I am not going to argue if Colin Kaepernick and other athletes have the right to sit or kneel during OUR National Anthem because that right is protected by the First Amendment. It is absolutely their right to do so.

However they should bear in mind that their rights are protected by the men and women who have fought and or died for their rights under the very flag and Anthem they are protesting.

I also am not going to argue if he, or any of the other athletes protesting have felt oppression or not. I believe at one point in our lives we have all felt oppression or even racism. I will not go into detail but I know I have felt the pressures of racism and oppression by peers, and police.

I believe professional athletes have a platform greater than most to share their beliefs but I think they should consider their methods carefully and those that sit during our National Anthem have used that platform in a (to put it mildly) extremely disrespectful manner.

Feel free to let us know what you think, or how you feel.

Trivatech Group.


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