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Today’s workforce is growing increasingly digital as employees adopt team collaboration tools like cloud and mobile applications perform their job responsibilities. Companies today need to become digital organizations to adapt to these new ways of working.

“Sustainable market leadership is no longer based on the best product or people,” said ZK Research principal analyst Zeus Kerravala. “It’s all about making the best decision with the right people as fast as possible.”

However companies may find unified communications (UC) lacking when it comes to new ways of working and collaborating.

“A lot of people thought UC was the key to true collaboration,” he said. “As powerful as UC is, it doesn’t address collaboration in all the ways businesses need to work.”

UC is more focused on the individual with asynchronous tools and offers lackluster integration across apps, according to Kerravala.

That’s where team collaboration tools come into play. Team collaboration is focused on mobile-first, cloud centric organizations and offers synchronous and asynchronous apps with capabilities like persistent messaging and content sharing.

Kerravala said team collaboration is the combination of four markets: UC, enterprise messaging, enterprise social, and video and conferencing. This combination helps make employees more agile and productive.

But increased employee agility and productivity aren’t the only benefits of team collaboration. Team collaboration tools organize information by workflow or project so employees have easy access the relevant information they need and simplifies collaboration.

Let us bring your team together.

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