How to buy Telecom and Data. Trivatech Group, your Telecom and Data Consultants.

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What is an Independent Telecom Consultant? It has variations as Agent, Consultant and Specialist, but at the end of the day the Independent Telecom Consultant is hired by the customer to find them the best solution available for their business.

At the heart of our business is the vision that our clients will be with us for life. Unwavering Customer Care, doing what’s right for the client, and immense product/industry knowledge are what we have used as the foundation of Trivatech Group.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons to use a Telecom Consultant..

One, it’s one-stop shopping which saves you time and money! We have contacts with many carriers/vendors which means we can quickly acquire the quotes and information that you need – without you having to request them yourself by filling out online forms and repeating the requirements over and over.

Two, product and industry knowledge. The sales rep from Company A isn’t going to tell you that it has excessive billing issues and Company B’s rep isn’t going to tell you that the network in your area sucks or that the product is so new (or old) that delivering it to your satisfaction is not going to happen. Trivatech Group has that information.

If the customer cares about speedy delivery and less cost, then the we can eliminate looking at the operators that don’t own network there or who have provisioning hurdles.

Three, we have the right tools to provide you with the right solution for now and later.

We ask all the right questions to elicit the necessary information to choose not the expected answer, but the best solution.

Trivatech Group.




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