Trivatech Group, your Telecom and Data consultants would like to recognize David Phung.

Louisiana Flood

The floodwaters ravaged a widespread region in Louisiana, causing Governor John Bel Edwards to declare a state of emergency. He has asked residents to remain in safe areas and to not travel out just to sight-see during the dangerous flooded times. The flooding was called a truly historic event — with videos like the above highlighting just how quickly a car could get swallowed up in the floodwaters and put its occupants in danger of drowning.

 The woman who was saved from her sinking car in the Louisiana flooding, as reported by the New York Daily News, was rescued by David Phung on Saturday. Not only did Phung leap into the floodwaters in order to rip open the drowning woman’s convertible car top, but David also was able to save her dog as well from drowning. Phung prevented the woman from going under once more for too long, when she tried to save her own dog from the sunken car.


The video is being replayed many places online, on TV and being shared a-plenty on social media. The men can be seen on a boat first approaching the vehicle in the beginning of the dramatic video. The woman can be heard crying out that she was going to drown, but the men on the boat reassure her that they will rescue her as they scramble around for knives and any tools that will help them get to the woman in the sinking car.

With the death toll from the flooding around Louisiana rising and having caused thousands of people to need rescuing across the state, the woman in the viral video is no doubt grateful that she was in a convertible car with a roof that could be more easily accessed, since she didn’t break a window from the inside to get herself out of the sinking vehicle.

At the end of the video, Phung is shown having also rescued the dog — a small white dog who shivers and shakes and kicks excitedly in the floodwaters — and is apparently alive. Many people besides the woman in the viral video have found themselves in need of rescue after heavy rainfall hit southeast Louisiana.

All life is precious.

Trivatech Group.



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