Ever wonder why companies are pushing so hard to outsource and move services outside the business location ? Some say that these moves are meant to decrease costs… this may be so, however in many cases it makes sense to move the data off site.

Think about centralized computing as a reallocation of resources closer to the core or backbone of the internet. The closer your data and centralized computing is to the internet, the faster the speeds of throughput and the lesser the amount of delay in computing and data transfer from ANY location. The idea is to push the computing away from “edge” sites on the network and provide these services from the backbone allowing for greater flexibility. Imagine a world where all Ip Centric services are delivered by the data center at lightning fast speeds to any location via the internet ! Voice, video, data, IM, Presence, chat… Any service developed and delivered via IP is able to be utilized with minimal hardware on the remote site. Even VPN can be delivered from the data center to a remote user allowing smart devices to serve remote employees and offer a full suite of services to communicate with. In the event that the IT staff desires to offer offsite backup a copy can be maintained easier from data center to data center via fiber to another data center on the fiber map. The costs of services once the data lives on the backbone is decreased by moving to the core or backbone.

Data center tactics are alive and well let us know if we can help.

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